The New York Social Justice Political Action Committee (SJPAC) leverages donations from our community of supporters to endorse and support social justice champions running at all levels across the state. Since 2012 the PAC has given over $100,000 to build power for the movement's key social justice issues including criminal justice reform, fair pay for work, immigrant dignity, gender equality, and good healthcare for all.

Our Theory of Change

Since it’s inception, SJPAC has focused on supporting social justice candidates on the local and state level as a way to shape and create a truly progressive state legislature and build a pipeline of social justice champions.

In the wake of Trump’s election, and as we look ahead to the coming battles, we believe that cultivating and supporting a true social justice platform, convening our members and allies around key races, and endorsing and contributing to municipal, county, and state level offices will be critical to mounting a resistance to Trump’s efforts. While our allies in the movement lead critical campaigns to fight oppressive and racist federal policy, we will push NY’s candidates and elected officials to resist the Trump agenda and promote racial, social, and economic justice in our state. We believe that to achieve our goal, we must focus on cultivating progressive leadership, building and supporting a pipeline of candidates at the local level to challenge entrenched power systems. Supporting progressive local leaders today, builds tomorrow’s leaders for our state, our movement, and our country.

Guiding Principles

  • We are a member-driven organization. We strive to include any and all participants in our work and decision-making.

  • We are candidate focused.

  • We are strategic without compromising our social justice commitment.

  • We value our allies; we will seek them out for their expertise and will work to convene like minded groups around our candidates.

  • Representation and equity matter. We commit to serve as a conduit for voices traditionally left out.