Working for you: The issues that matter most

At New York Social Justice PAC, we support social justice champions on the local and state level. Right now, we are in the midst of our elections work: Selecting and interviewing candidates running for elections throughout the city and state. 

At this moment, New York City Council candidates and others running at the state level are completing the SJPAC questionnaire. In the coming weeks, we will interview these candidates and ask them to articulate their stance on the issues that matter most to you. We will then endorse candidates who are unwilling to compromise on issues of social justice. 

Want to Get Involved?

It's not too late to get involved in our elections work. 
You can be a part of it by donating or participating in our candidate interviews. Fill out this quick form to get involved!

What matters most to you?
Let us know which issues are most important to you and what races we should keep our eyes on. Write us at and let us know. 

SJPAC members are leading the charge locally and at the state level to bolster candidates who make social justice issues a priority. Donate to support progressive candidates statewide, and as always, write us at with any comments or questions. 


We kicked off our election cycle. Want to help us elect social justice champions?

The circus happening on the national level is both horrific and baffling, but New Yorkers know that the best way to make a difference starts right here at home. That's why we are investing in social justice champions on the local and state level.

Last month we endorsed three progressive candidates in the Long Island School Board races and this month we kicked off our election cycle for New York City Council in Brooklyn with Tish James and theWorking Families Party

Last Tuesday at Matt Torrey's Bar in Brooklyn, we heard from NYCPublic Advocate Letitia "Tish" James and WFP co-founder Bill Lipton about the importance of building a real progressive bench of elected leaders who will work to represent our communities across the state. Candidates Dorcey Applyrs and Kristen Browde inspired us with their personal stories and what it means to have the support of WFP and groups like SJPAC.

Our 2017 Elections work is now in full swing. You can be a part of it by donating and participating in our candidate interviews.

Fill out this quick form to get involved in our Elections work.

Candidate Dorcey Applyrs, Public Advocate Letitia "Tish" James, candidate Kristen Browde and SJPAC Co-Chair Vicki Raines Laymon. 

Candidate Dorcey Applyrs, Public Advocate Letitia "Tish" James, candidate Kristen Browde and SJPAC Co-Chair Vicki Raines Laymon. 

2016 Election Kickoff

Join us on Wednesday, March 16, at 6:00 PM to help us set a path for the 2016 state elections.

The state government that we’ll elect in 2016 is crucial to the progress of the social justice agenda in 2016. Can we pass a Dream Act? Can we get a $15 minimum wage? Can we make headway on the Women's Equality Act and New York Health Act? All depends on whether the people who care about these issues send a clear message to Albany.

Can you join us on March 16 to help shape our elections strategy?

At this get-together, you’ll have a chance to speak up on what the PAC should be focused on when it comes to endorsing and funding candidates. Bring your passion, and we’ll put our power behind you.

NY Social Justice PAC is committed to making all nomination and donation decisions collectively and to offering all of our members the opportunity to engage face to face with people in power. RSVP on Facebook today and we hope to see you there!