SJPAC is a member-driven, volunteer and small donor based organization. Successful, impactful movements only thrive when they welcome community, transparency, and engagement. We also believe that real, unobstructed access regardless of race, gender, economic or immigration status, educational attainment, criminal justice involvement, or other traditional barriers, is critical to building a truly justice movement and society. Whether you’re a veteran political operative, or newbie dedicated to your community, we invite you to get involved!

Become a Member and Participate in our Elections Work

It’s easy to talk about politics, but it’s harder to make a difference. Join the PAC and you’ll have the power of our endorsements behind you as you seek change.

Becoming an SJPAC member is easy - all it requires is a donation at whatever level you can give ($1, $5, $25, $150, it all goes to our important elections work). As a member you directly shape the decisions the PAC makes regarding races, candidates, endorsements, and contribution levels. 

Members are invited to participate in any and all candidates interviews SJPAC holds. Any member that participates in an interview can vote during our endorsement and contribution decision meetings.

Fill out this form to get involved in our Elections work. 

Join a Committee!

Our Executive Committee oversees the Elections, Communications, Membership, Fundraising, and basic operations of the PAC. As you can imagine, there is quite a bit to do. If you have a few hours of time each month to commit, please join one of our committees, led by our Executive Committee. To find out more, email

Host an Organizing House Party

We know so many of you, like us, have been concerned about what lies ahead for us in the Trump era. We’ve also been inspired by all of the passion, commitment, and interest from all over our state and country to get involved! In the coming weeks and months, we are planning to hold a series of organizing meetings to share our strategy for resisting Trump through local elections and to hear from you about what issues matter most to you and your community.

We’re looking for interested hosts and attendees in NYC and across the state! If you are interested, let us know a little about yourself and we'll be in touch! 

You can host an organizing meeting in your home, at a local coffee shop, art space, library etc. SJPAC will provide helpful materials and info, and we’ll even send one of our Executive Committee members to your event (in NYC, we’ll use Skype or Google Hangout if we can’t be there in person) to talk about our work and how you and your community can play a part. We’ll even help with turnout by sharing the event with out list and Facebook community. It’s an easy, but impactful way, to support SJPAC and champion social justice in all parts of our state!

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